You are a snake. Collect the apples (red dots) on the screen to improve your score. You've got to get them quickly before the thieves get the apples. If they get a apple it will decrease your score by one. The level that you're at will increase when you increase your score by five. Once you get to another level though, one more thief will join the others. You can not run into yourself or the walls. But the most important rule, HAVE FUN!

Important Note:

Information Storage:

All the information about your high score is saved on your local storage. It will not take up a lot of space but be warned that it is there.

Device Information:

This game is ment to played on the computer and will not work on a phone, tablet, or iOS divice of any kind. This is because it uses input from the keyboard and the game screen is not fit for any other device.


Update Interval:

Eye Color:

Head Color:

Body Color:

For more colors to use click here.