Stop Motion Player is free software that allows you to create your own stop motions by filling out certain boxes and clicking a button. I know. Simple. It will allow you to bring your stop motions to life and all you have to do is sit back and watch.



What is stop Motion?

Confused? Software Instructions.


Stop Motions are a type of film in which there is an object that stays still, but is moved a little bit and then photographed to give it the illusion of movement. The pictures are then put together and played really fast just like old film cartoons. You can look up a more detailed description on YouTube and how to create your own stop motion using legos.

Stuck? Here's what you do. First make a folder containing all of your pictures. Your pictures should be numbered from least to greatest. It may look something like this:

Open up one of the pictures in chrome and then look at the address bar. Copy everything before the file name including the slash and then paste it into the box that says Folder url.


In the box that says Beginning picture, type in the smallest number in the folder. In the box that says Ending picture, type in the largest number. In the box that says Prefab, type in anything that comes before the number. Then finally, in the box that says FPS, type in the speed that you want your movie to play at.
That's it! Click Start and then if everything looks okay in the little box that pops up, click okay and then sit back and watch your movie play!

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