Welcome to Rose Rocket! We are a company entirely run by kids that creates video games and fun activities for kids. We have made a game called Tree Snake and we are hoping that there will be still more to come. As you can see, Tree Snake is open for anyone and everyone on the internet but, what you cannot see is us busily working away on our computers creating more content. We know it is hard to patient, so we try our best to get the games out there. Just hang in there as watch your playtime grow!


Dragon's Flame - Protect your kingdom and save the dragons!
We are very glad to announce the arrival of our next game! Dragon's Flame is a bit like flappy bird, but stepped up a notch. Help your dragon defend his kingdom from a meteor shower that will soon bring certain death. Can you protect your kingdom? Let's find out.

So many more surprises yet to see!

Tree Snake

Stop Motion

Dragon's Flame

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